The Blockhead

firefighterOnce again I did the unthinkable and plunged headlong into emailing a guy I met through Match.

And this just goes to show how long I’ve been on Match but WHILE WE WERE TEXTING, I recalled that we’d done this before, some time ago.

He texted me. I texted back.

And the ENTIRE TIME he never asked me what my name was, what I did for a living, whether I had kids or not, etc.

To be perfectly honest, all he did was talk about himself.

His hobbies, which are interesting, as it turns out.

His job, which is also very interesting.

But so are my hobbies and my job.

I was just surprised that he wasn’t the least bit curious about me.

And that’s when I remembered!

Oh yeah, we’ve done this before.

It’s why I am wary of dating firefighters.

Because I associate his self-absorption with his career.

“Aren’t I cool, I’m a firefighter.”

Yes, firemen are cool and OH MY GOD SEXY but what’s sexier is a fireman who knows how to meet someone halfway in a conversation instead of playing the ME game.

All along I thought my friend Richard was the one who turned me off to firefighters, but no, as it turns out it was this blockhead.

I’m not saying all firefighters are blockheads.

Just this one.


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