I’m almost ashamed to admit this

white witch michelleI’m almost ashamed to admit this.

I’ve been thinking about going to Burning Man again and as I was thinking about things I’d like to do THIS TIME AROUND (besides A.  Don’t get dumped, and B.  Don’t go out with wet hair during a dust storm).  And as I sat and thought about it, it just came at me:

I’ve never gone dancing at Burning Man.

Oh sure, I danced at Ali Bar Bar a few times, but I’ve never hit the Esplanade with the express purpose to go clubbing.

And I think that’s one of Burning Man’s strong suits for nightlife – clubbing.

Yes, I’ve gotten naked at the Sauna Dome.

I rode past the Orgy Dome.

I even let 6 strangers bathe me with spray bottles at the Human Carcass Wash.

But I’ve never really danced.

At least not properly, for hours on end, with friends.

Part of the problem is that my closest friends at Burning Man prefer to hang out in bars and enjoy the company of others instead of jumping into a minefield of bodies all writhing to the same techno beat.

So I think this year, one of my goals will be to really experience the dance scene at Burning Man at night.

That and get my C*cksucking certification from Retrofrolic for the 3rd year in a row.

Goals. . . gotta have ’em!


4 thoughts on “I’m almost ashamed to admit this

  1. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it to Burning Man but the techno music line-up is amazing. So – dance, dance, dance, dance!!!! 🙂

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