Inside, I was a total bitch

michelleYou would all be so proud.

I met a man.

And just like before, we started to text. Heavily.

Turns out our sons go to the same high school. And they’re in the same grade. And they know each other.

Then, right in the middle of the “conversation” he stopped texting me.


He got busy, I’m sure. But still. . .

He messaged me the next day with a request to talk that night.

I said yes however he NEVER CALLED.


Then, two days later, another text saying “I can talk now. Are you available?”


I was tempted to reply to him and say, “You seem like a very busy man with not a lot of free time to invest in looking for a relationship. It’s been nice texting but I think I’m looking for someone with more free time.”

Did I send that text?



Because I’m chicken shit and I HATE stirring up shit.

And I didn’t want to sound bitchy.

But inside. . .


So score one for me for not going after another UNAVAILABLE man, no matter how big the size of his mortgage brokerage company.

Unavailable is unavailable.

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