Locked and loaded

gunguy1I just want to bring up what I find a disturbing trend in online dating – POSTING PICTURES WITH GUNS.



Do I really need to see that you love posting pictures your rifle or shotgun more than you enjoy posting pictures of your car and your friends?

I think not.

I posted a picture of my truck because I like it and it has a HEMI which I find very sexy.

It represents my on-the-go lifestyle.

But a gun?

I’m not gonna post pictures of me with a gun because that doesn’t reflect who I am.

I find it intimidating as well as trashy to see men with guns in their online dating profile.

Mind you, I have friends with guns who post pictures to Facebook and that’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT CREATURE.

Facebook friends know you.  They see pictures of you with your kids.  There’s a whole person represented online.

So I’m a little confused as to why a guy would EMPHASIZE what has to be a small part of his life on his online dating profile.

Those pictures always look menacing.



5 thoughts on “Locked and loaded

  1. How funny, I had something I was going to share and somehow it got deleted. No matter. I was agreeing the firearm thing should be in an about me part where they write they enjoy shooting and hunting. I did take an old time sepia pic of my eldest once. He looked like a gangster from ‘Some Like it Hot’. Which was the point of the picture. But, even play photos like that shouldn’t be in a dating profile! Skip em!

  2. Great post Michelle! In the business of policing, when you see that in a profile we would call that a clue! Its a clue that these folks are in love with their gun so you may play second (or third) fiddle if you do not have an extended magazine and the ability to take down an antelope at a thousand yards. I am a cop who wears one every day but there are NO places on social media where I pose with it! Sometimes I think its phallic, like flashy cars, trying to make up for what they lack elsewhere! Just sayin!

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