Sometime life f*cks with you

michelleI HAVE to write this post.

You see, a few years ago, I went on a date with Lou – an attorney from the Bay Area.

It was. . .





You can read all about it here, in excruciating detail.


I log in to Facebook last night and whose picture should appear under the heading “People you May Know” but Lou. . .

. . . posing with his bride, his daughter, and their white poodle.




Someone ACTUALLY married him.

Someone young and beautiful ACTUALLY married him, I should say.

Now, I may have freaked out a little bit.

I may have momentarily felt like a loser because after all, if Lou can get someone to marry him, then what the hell is wrong with me?

Perhaps it was the two gin and tonics talking, but I reached out to a few friends and said, “WTF?!”

And see what good friends I have, they told me to get some rest, sleep off the gin, and things would look better in the morning.

And lo and behold, they do!

Thank you Arjang and Tejas – you were right!

So I’ve decided to adopt a more positive tone about this whole experience and say:

It just goes to show you – there’s someone out there for everyone.

Even Lou.





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