I finally did something right

I dropped a guy I liked because he was acting slimy.

Now, as you all know I love to sext.

But I’ll codify that with an I love to sext with good “friends.”

I’m not into strangers (unless they’re super hot and I fully plan to never meet them and just “throw them away” in the morning).

The latest guy kept hinting at wanting to sext.

Then today, he literally asked for it.

“Got any more hot photos. Need to start my day right,” he texted me.

So I sent him a nice headshot of me with bedroom eyes.

“Cool. Anything else,” he responded.

“What do you want?” I asked. “What kind of flavor?”

And that’s when he went full slimeball:

“Totally sexy no holding back,” he writes.

So nude.

Now anyone who reads this blog can testify that I’m no prude.

I have sexy pictures up the wazoo.

I was just god damned if I was going to share them with this guy.

Although for a second I considered sending him just one provocative picture then dumping him on his ass.

But no.

No treat for him.

Instead I wrote, “I think we’re after different things. It was so nice meeting you. I really had a great time. Good luck with your search.”

Nice. To the point. Polite.


His reply: Yup.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Seriously folks, WHY do I attract these types?

Isn’t there one good guy left who doesn’t treat women like they’re sex toys?

You can’t really blame me for being jaded when all the guys I meet are total slimballs.

Just saying.


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