MichelleAt noon on March 1st I logged in to my Burner Profile and purchased a vehicle pass and two DGS tickets for Burning Man 2017: Radical Ritual.

DGS tickets are tickets set aside for purchase by theme camp participants so that they can attend and offer their interactivity to attendees.

It took me less than two minutes to procure my tickets.

It was a seamless, smooth process.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of the first year I bought tickets, in 2015.

I just decided I wanted to go and that Burning Man would be my BIG ADVENTURE for 2015.

In case you’re wondering, my BIG ADVENTURE of 2014 was a boudoir photo shoot so this was considerably more involved.

Somehow I got lucky and managed to get a ticket in the 2015 sale.

I remember sitting there at my desk at work in 2015, staring at the receipt, a little in awe, thinking, “Now what?!”

And I must say, I had no idea then that I was purchasing a ticket to something that was going to change the direction of my life FOREVER.

I’ve made friends, joined a community, and created experiences that I NEVER would have without Burning Man.

It has been an EPIC transformation for me.

Looking back now, I wonder how different my life would be had I not bought that ticket way back in 2015.

I wouldn’t know my BFF Tejas or his girlfriend Yvonne.

I wouldn’t be open to new experiences.

And I sure would’ve missed out on a whole lot of art!

No, life wouldn’t be the same.

I think the most valuable gain for me has been the Burning Man community.

Open. Creative. Humorous. Talented. Reliable.

Two years ago I was just dipping my toe in that community.

Here I am today fully immersed in it.

I didn’t realize that until just now, how much Burning Man has altered my life for the better.

And I am ever so THANKFUL!

3 thoughts on “THANKFUL

  1. Michelle, I am so excited to follow you! My life adventures are focused on survival, lately. Before I turned 50, I did several things I had never done before. About the only one I keep doing is eating cold pizza! Oh, the next summer I bought my cute little vibrator, which is used infrequently due to lack of alone time. :o)

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