My Homeless Quilt Finds a Home

It may come as a surprise to many of you that I am a quilter.

Yes, even I have domestic tendencies.

And I’m not a casual quilter.


I’ve made about 40 – 50 quilts for family and friends over the years.

For a few years now I’ve had my “Homeless Quilt” – so called because I made it and had no one to give it to.

It’s a safari style quilt, with lots of orange, brown, and black.

It also had lots of texture:  faux suede, leather, and cotton blends.

I heart it!

This past week was Tejas’ birthday and I finally realized who I’d made the quilt for.


So I gifted him this HUGE king size quilt – 120″ x 120″.

And you  know what?  I think he LOVED IT!

7 thoughts on “My Homeless Quilt Finds a Home

  1. I’ve always wanted to try quilting. I did one once with my aunts, when I was younger, but have never tried again.

    And that is a great quilt, I can see why he likes it! 🙂

  2. I absolutely admire people who quilt. My mom and my sister do. I cannot. It is a math thing. I had no idea there was so freaking much geometry in sewing. I have templates and rotary cutters and can make a lovely square shape into a something or other with one roll of the wheel. I measure and measure and measure and measure again, cut once and it is all messed up. I can mend most clothes (Carharts are hard to sew), I can sew costumes (they need to be sewn firmly and should look good from several feet away under lights), and I can make a nice pillowcase and simple seams (my serger has issues). You would think I could make a simple quilt, but there is a block somewhere and I can’t seem to pin where it might be!

  3. It looks as if that quilt has found its proper home! It is where it was meant to be. The two of you are lucky to be such wonderful friends – you seem to fit like pieces of that beautiful, unique and quirky quilt. 🙂

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