Cuddling with Strangers

Cuddling with strangers.

It’s the one barrier I have yet to overcome.

I’ve had opportunities to overcome my aversion to touching people I don’t know.

Like when I signed up to do JUST THAT. . . go to a cuddle puddle with a friend and cuddle my heart out.

In the end, I FLAKED.

I just couldn’t do it.

The thought of some stranger’s hands on my body and their hot breath in my hair made me want to stiffen up and run!

It still gives me the willies.

There’s nothing I want more in this world than to maintain the integrity of my own body and that means being SELECTIVE about who touches it.

Very selective.

So you can imagine my response when I got this message through MeetUp.

Um . . . let me think.


How about, HELLO NO!

‘Mature cuddling’?

As in something R or maybe X rated?

No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

You’re not even allowed to THINK that with even just a PICTURE of me!

2 thoughts on “Cuddling with Strangers

  1. I know it is 3 in the morning in Alaska, but this made me laugh a bit too much. Mature cuddling. Breathe, Kris, breathe… Thank you, so much, Michelle.

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