Black Rock Desert Wear

You can’t just wear anything you want to Burning Man.

Well you can, but you might get talked to if you show up with any of the following:

Glitter aka playa herpes.

It falls off and creates a big MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) mess.  Best to stay away from anything glittery:

Look at this bodysuit and hat.  It’s a MOOP disaster waiting to happen.  Just a little glitter flakes off and contaminates the playa, creating a mess for someone to pick up.


Maybe sewn on rhinestones would be okay, but glued on rhinestones? No way.  More MOOP.

Here’s a bodysuit that’s practically begging to MOOP all over the place.  Can’t you just see those rhinestones, all crammed together, falling off?

This next one bothers me for two reasons.

  1.  It’s got feathers, which like to fall off and become MOOP.
  2.  It’s culturally insensitive.  Enough said.

Here is a pair a sequin shorts.  Another no-no.  Same reason.  Small things like to fall off and become MOOP.

My personal pet peeve – feathers.  Although they are worn on the playa, you won’t find any on me.  They blow away and muck up the trash fence.

And finally, here’s a hat with just a MILLION LITTLE THINGS ON IT!  No!  Unless they’re embedded in a thick layer of varnish this should not go to the playa.

I should mention that ALL THIS MOOPY stuff pops up when you search for “Burning Man” on etsy.  So BEWARE folks.  Not all searches can be trusted.

What goes to Coachella as festival-wear is not necessarily appropriate for the Black Rock Desert.

Think on it.

2 thoughts on “Black Rock Desert Wear

  1. This is GREAT. I so do not like MOOP. OK, I love the stuff, but not if it is going to be anywhere it might leave itself in our environment in shiny MOOP pools. I also become furious when I see balloons released…..Hoping you get some people who are going to read this post of yours!

  2. I think you’re not allowed to bring feathers, because of the moop.

    You can always wear nothing, which is fun, but it’s also fun to dress up! No doubt your choices will be great 🙂

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