Look who’s going to Burning Man!

The Burning Man Main Sale came.

And went.

And so many of my friends didn’t get tickets.  Which makes it ever so important that those of us with DGS tickets share the wealth.

I have offered my ticket to Yvonne, Tejas’ girlfriend.

Mainly because Tejas didn’t offer his spare and I think it’s more important to secure her a ticket to go to Burning Man than it is to hope and pray that I’ll meet a guy who will:

  • Want to go to Burning Man
  • Can take off 7+ days from work for Burning Man, and
  • Won’t dump me WHILE AT BURNING MAN

But what are the chances of that happening AGAIN?

[Unlikely, I hope!]

In any case, I’m happy for Yvonne.  Now she knows that she has a ticket she can relax and just enjoy planning and packing ALL THE THINGS!

I was ever so lucky my first year, landing a ticket in the Main Sale, when I knew nobody who would sell me their spare ticket.

I have no idea how I did it, but it has forever changed the course of my life.

This will be both Yvonne and my third burn.

And I can’t imagine her not being there!


Look who’s going to Burning Man!


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