The Bloody Mary

I LOVE Bloody Mary’s.

There’s just something about a savory cocktail in the morning that really gets me going.

I’m planning on doing Bloody Mary’s with breakfast at UnSCruz.

This requires some planning and a lot of pickled food.

This was my inspiration:

This is what I wound up with I forgot to include the bacon :-(

Not exactly the snazziest Bloody Mary I’ve ever seen.

My tricks for making a tasty Bloody Mary is:

  1. Use celery salt
  2. Tabasco!
  3. Always add a little extra vodka
  4. Trimmings include bacon, shrimp, celery, pepperoncini, asparagus, cheese, cornichons, and olives

People take their Bloody Mary’s very seriously.

One year, on playa, there was a competition to see who could find the perfect BRC Bloody Mary.

THIS would be my choice:

Check out that burger hanging off the glass. . . $25 Bloody Mary, anyone?

Regardless if you like Bloody Mary’s or if you are wrong, one thing is for sure.

Two hours after a Bloody Mary I am ready for a nap.



2 thoughts on “The Bloody Mary

  1. Pickled string beans are also a nice garnish. Rimming the glass with Old Bay is good too – especially if you garnish with a jumbo prawn! Yum!!

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