Get off?

Yvonne’s has been planning a party for months to celebrate the life of her husband who passed away a year ago.

Since I am an event planner, I helped her with some of the details.

I made a very detailed production plan for her I was quite proud of.

The party was this past weekend.

Consider all these elements coming together: camping all weekend long, a motorcycle ride, a DJ, a dance floor, an authentic shawarma machine, a fire pit, a photo booth, luxury restrooms, a potluck buffet dinner, an after party, and so much more.

It was a HUGE undertaking and came off without a hitch.

Well, except for the get off.

Which doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Apparently in motorcycle riding lingo, a get off is when a motorcycle and its rider part company due to instability, impending accident, or a sudden maneuver.

It was frightening to hear about even though we were all assured the rider was okay.

So there was A LITTLE drama, but not much.

The speeches were beautiful.

The dancing was fun.

And the company was outstanding.

And just because I took photos in the photobooth with Tejas and Yvonne, I’m going to post them here and say: LOVE YOU BOTH!

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