Stupid things I’ve done

Me in 2007 in Scotland (yes, with a blow up sheep). Natural tan.

God, I could write A BOOK SERIES about all the stupid things I’ve done.

Marrying a man for his looks instead of his brains was not the BRIGHTEST thing I’ve ever done (but I can’t regret the relationship that gave me my boys).

Also, my ENTIRE relationship with The Professor I could SKIP ENTIRELY. What a disaster!

And there was that time I lit the floor on fire in eighth grade. . .

But I digress. . .

One of THE STUPIDEST things I’ve ever done is lay in tanning beds to get tan for my trip to Scotland in 2007.

Oh vey!

I LITERALLY laid in tanning beds EVERY DAY for close to 4 months in order to appear bronzed and tan – just like a California girl.

Why I did this, I will never know.

I was going to Scotland, not the Bahamas, and no part of my body was really going to get exposed for the viewing pleasure of ANYONE under all the long sleeve shirts, jumpers, and jackets I needed to wear to stay warm in the frigid Scottish climate.

But I did it anyway.

And I had a lovely, dewy bronze tan for about 6 months.

Would I do it again?

Absolutely not!

It aged me. Damaged my skin, especially on my face.

And now I have to monitor my moles for potential skin cancer.

Remember, I USED to tan by laying out in the sun slathered in baby oil?


So take it from me and STAY AWAY FROM TANNING BEDS.

Do your skin a favor. . .




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