Mr. 6’10”

I once dated a guy who was 6’10” tall.

Everywhere we went, people reacted to him. So much so that he developed two jokes he’d use all the time to answer two common questions people would ask him:

  1. Is it true what they say about a man’s height and the size of his penis?

Answer: God no! I’d be 10 feet tall.

  1. Do you play basketball?

Answer: Do you play mini golf?

The truth is, Mr. 6’10” was a volleyball player, and a good one at that.  I’m not sure he did any more than that, he seemed to be independently wealthy and I knew his family hailed from Pebble Beach.

I was smitten with this man and imagined he was smitten with me too.

In the end, that turned out to not be the case and we drifted apart and lost touch.

The other day, I’m minding my own business when an email comes in to my inbox.

Mr. 6’10” tall wants to add you as a connection on LinkedIn.


Naturally I added him.

But I can’t help but feel like I got lumped in with a group add on LinkedIn. I’m pretty sure he didn’t intend to add me as a contact.

Nevertheless he did it, so I can just go ahead and feel slightly smug that after nearly 10 years, he reconnected with me.

Deliberate or accidental.



8 thoughts on “Mr. 6’10”

  1. Ok, this is a “pet peeve” of mine! (& I’m NOT saying you’re doing it….I’m just saying that I’ve been through it many times before.) Women falling for a guy just because he’s 6ft, or taller…it just makes me sick (me being 5’5). I’ve even lost out one time because I wasn’t BLOND! Shit like this used tp make me SO sick! USED TO. Now, it’s like I don’t even care anymore…I’ve been through it so much. I don’t have a ‘”Napoleon Complex” & never have had one, but it DOES kind of screw up your life when your constantly being told that you’re not good enough for a woman because you’re under 6ft.

  2. I think men over 6’4″ are appealing to some women because they are a rare species. Think about it – how many do you personally know? I’m not counting sports figures in this but average guys who happen to be extra tall. In my entire life I’ve known only 3. They tend to stand out in a crowd – as a curiosity, not necessarily as attractive. As a short woman – I’m 5’2″ – most men are taller than me, but I’ve never given height much thought. Some tall women feel self conscious if they are much taller than their partners, some don’t care at all. I know a woman who is 6’3″ and has a husband who is 5’2″ – they’ve been happily married for 20 years. As with all things male/female this can get complicated really quickly.

      • I ended up marrying someone 6’2″. It wasn’t hard to find someone taller than me, but the foot taller is sort of odd. I much prefer kissing shorter men. I don’t need a step stool!
        When I was in college, I missed out on many a relationship because I was older. Stupid.

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