When I imagine I’m young and thin

So this happened:

I bought three pairs of high waisted bikini bottoms and all the accoutrements to go with them.

I have to admit, even I paused when I bought cupcake earrings and I asked myself, “Would a 43 year old woman REALLY wear CUPCAKE earrings?”

And the answer of course, is yes.

Yes, I REALLY would.

Burning Man is about expressing who you are and including all your idiosyncrasies and I suppose that DEEP DOWN, I am an 18 year old girl who is thin, wears bathing suits as clothing, and goes to raves.

We all know the truth.

I am a thick, middle aged woman with a questionable relationship to EDM.

But I have a theory about that.

I don’t think being thick matters.

I think, for the most part, people just enjoy seeing other people’s bodies.

The men I am with don’t seem to complain about mine.

So why not show it off?

Confidence is SEXY.

That said, if I start wearing my hair in two knobs on top of my head, you have my permission to slap me. . .

. . .on my NICE, THICK ASS!

4 thoughts on “When I imagine I’m young and thin

  1. I am over 50 and I would wear cupcake earrings. But….I also have earrings made from tied fish hooks and zipper pulls (those are a favorite pair. My kid brought me two different zipper pulls from his trip to NY and now I have a pair of very unique earrings!) and beach rocks and cracked marbles and porcupine quills and fish leather. :o)
    I LOVE your shopping spree!

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