What is it with me and married men?

openWhat is it with me and married men?

I seem to run into them right and left.  And I’m not talking the monogamous kind.  No, I’m talking men in “open” relationships who are interested in me.

Take “Daddy,” for instance.  Now Daddy is tall, handsome, and a respectable 32 years old.

He was walking around the festival with a lovely accessory – his baby.

Where there is a baby, there is bound to be a momma bear.  So I carefully steered clear of him.  But he seemed to be flirting with me.  He even came over to my camp and stared at me.  Intently.  Like he was enamored.

Now first of all, I appreciate male attention.  It feels good.  It excites me.

But I’m just saying would it KILL THE UNIVERSE TO SEND ME A SINGLE GUY?


32 years old and married with a baby?!  Where can that go?



6 thoughts on “What is it with me and married men?

  1. Same here. Half the woman I wind up with are married. Usually will not become aware of for a bit either. Everyone of them describe the situation the same way. “Oh, were separated”

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