Freaky “Photographers”

The freak factor can be high with “photographers.”

Especially MALE photographers.

I have an innate distrust of them.

It comes from years of growing up and having men offer to “take my picture” which was code for “get to see me naked, maybe more. . .”

Take The Greek, for instance.

He offered to take my picture then spent most of the time sucking on my, ahem, face.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t my face.

But seriously, I have an appreciation for men who tell the truth.

Who ask for what they really want and make it clear to you that they want sex.

Sure, I’m probably going to turn them down, but I love the transparency.

As it turns out, I am not opposed to erotic pictures.

However, the only men I have allowed to take erotic pictures of me are my lovers.

Seems fair since I take pictures of them in return.

Lately though, I’ve met a couple of reputable photographers in the Burner community.

Ones who intend to take pictures and don’t push the boundaries of that expectation.

I’m finally developing a little trust in my fellow burner photographers.

Decent men taking extraordinary pictures who promise to tow the line and not reach out of bounds.

And I appreciate that a great deal.

Because, when all is said and done, I love having my picture taken.

I just don’t want to trade my body for a photo.

9 thoughts on “Freaky “Photographers”

  1. LOL. There is a difference between a photographer and a jerk with a camera. My guess is the Burner photographers are really into capturing the Burning Man experience and how each person expresses himself or herself. That’s what leads to great images. As for the other kind of photographer – the camera is just a prop. If there were no camera they would just fall back on lame pick up lines.

  2. One of my fb friends often attends Burning Man and his photography is stellar. Granted, many of them are not allowed on fb, but I can bet he’d be polite.

    I hate being photographed, most of the time! I take a bazillion selfies in order to find a single one I like enough for an avatar. An edited one!

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