Burning Man Essentials: Dust Masks

Dust masks are essential at Burning Man. During my first burn in 2015, there were so many dust storms I LIVED in my dust mask. It sucks to get caught in a dust storm with no mask so I’m a big believer in not only wearing one, but also bringing extra – at least one backup PLUS the disposable kind, JUST IN CASE. If you’re with a friend who forgot theirs, they will be SO THANKFUL!

I like RZ Masks. They come in a variety of sizes (for those of us with big or small heads) and they ship with extra filters.

If you’re not used to dust masks, be aware they can feel a little stuffy. I like to use doTERRA’s Breathe essential oil blend. A little mist of this inside my mask helps me to breathe deeply and avoid that feeling of suffocation.

There are also other types of masks besides RZ neoprene masks and they are usually more artistic and expressive. These are masks I like to use in a light dust storm, like when I’m riding my bike in a crowd, or when there are low winds on the playa. They have the feel of a lightweight bandana. Wear them around your neck and they’re easy to pull on or push down. They’re also very versatile and can be worn as a headband, hairband, balaclava, and more.

Another type of popular mask is the shemagh, which is more like a scarf than a traditional mask. These are usually worn as a head scarf/mask combination on the playa and even though I have a purple one, I seldom use it on account of I’m not good at figuring out how to tie it properly so it stays in place. But here is a link to a video that seems to give good instructions on how to tie a shemagh.

Of course, there are some decadent masks that look so lovely but which may have questionable efficacy when it comes to blocking out dust. Can’t say I’ve ever worn a kandi mask or a gas mask but here are some lovely samples:


And don’t forget your SUPER BLING. These may break your bank but you’ll look good wearing them.

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