Burning Man Essentials: Hygiene


Chapstick with SPF – to protect your lips.


Baby wipes, a must have. Coconut oil for everything.
Sunblock or die! First aid kit. Just in case.


Pee standing up in the nasty portos.
Only 1-ply TP in the portos. Vinegar to counteract the alkalinity of the playa.


In case you get burned. . .
Hand sanitizer when washing is a challenge. Blackout mask.  Ahh, blessed sleep! Earplugs.  A must, especially near sound camps.


Hangover Guardian, just in case.


To relive dry eyes. To get out playa boogers.  Gross but true.
You’re gonna want a shower or two.


Tissues for playa nose. Condoms for play.
Lube.  Also for play. Antiperspirant.  No one likes a stinker.


Also for hangovers.  Just in case.
Massage oil, if you get lucky!


Spray bottles, for vinegar, water, etc. Essential oils for well being.
Microfiber towel. Atomizers for essential oils + vodka. Body lotion to treat dry skin.

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  1. ever thought of getting an STP appliance? GoodVibes has them for under $20. Or get a Shenis. Seriously helps in places like the Playa.

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