Things that gross me out in pornos

I’ll admit it.

I like porn.

Its fun to watch other people.

I’m a bit of a voyeur when it comes to sex.

I’m also an exhibitionist.

But there are some things that go on in pornos that I CAN’T STAND.

  1. When the man SPITS on the woman to “lube her up.” Spit isn’t lube. Ew, gross!
  2. Rose budding. Don’t even google it. You don’t want to know what it is. You’ve been warned!
  3. Going from anal to oral sex. Just no.
  4. When there’s no foreplay. I can’t ramp myself up without a little foreplay.
  5. When the guy looks like Ron Jeremy.
  6. When the women are obviously faking it. I like it when the actors are INTO what they are doing. Enthusiasm is EVERYTHING!
  7. Make me squirm.
  8. Lots of gagging and salivating during a blowjob. Men, I think, LOVE this. As a woman, I hate it.
  9. I’m just going to come out and say it – eating cum. I don’t mind it in my mouth but it’s not food so I’m NOT going to eat it. TMI?
  10. Plastic women. Give me a girl with a little jiggle and I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “Things that gross me out in pornos

  1. #3. No. no. no. #9. There was one man I met, he ate everything organic. HIS cum was a food product!!! Truly, what you eat makes a difference.

  2. My husband and I both enjoy his semen but we both enjoy when his cum is combined within me. It can certainly be gross to think about but when it is part of passionate love, this is a very sensual part of intimacy. As Kris said, organic and veggie diets make their cum taste good. Paul is almost entirely vegetarian and since he changed to healthy eating, his semen has such pleasant flavor and consistency.

    We watched porn years ago. I don’t have the stomach for the portrayals. I am finding that love is so integral to making love that the contrived scenes and performances are so gross. I wish that I didn’t search “rose budding.” I can’t imagine.


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