Burning Man Essentials: Food and Water

Here is an idea of some of the food and supplies you may want to bring with you to Burning Man. Some require a cooler, others require no refrigeration. How simple or how complex your food is is totally up to you. I tend to eat good food on the playa just because I don’t have much of an appetite so eating something really delicious motivates me to keep eating and not skip meals, which is so crucial when consuming a steady stream of alcohol. Not that I do that (wink).

Another list I want to share is Dazzle’s 2012 Packing List (LINK) which is categorized so you can read about whatever topics interest you – kitchen supplies, food, ice, etc.

Bacon.  Best thing on the playa.  Burners love our bacon! To keep your electrolytes balanced.  Just add water.
For those of you choosing a simple meal plan. Delicious and nutritious on the playa.
Almond butter.  Mmmmmm! Trail mix.  Delicious AND portable.
Beef jerky.  Gotta keep a steady influx of salt in your diet. Pickles AND pickle juice!  Yum!
Hard boiled eggs. Very portable and no MOOP because it’s already peeled. Salty nuts.  Delish!
Chili.  Another easy food choice.  Eat straight from the can. Dual hydration chamber.  One for water, one for electrolytes.
Aquatainer for water.  This one is the collapsible kind. Coconut water.  Full of electrolytes and delicious!
Dried apricots.  Yummy! Instant coffee.  You WILL need this.
Mountain House instant meals.  So easy!  And packed full of the salt your body needs. Kind bars.  Portable and tasty!
My stove.  Collapsible and durable.  Has survived several trips to the playa. Single burner stove.  For when you don’t plan to cook much.

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  1. I love the dual hydration chamber. Good idea. So often people collapse from dehydration. And the worst part? Once you have been bit by dehydration, you are more prone to having it happen again. Good post, my friend!

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