Do Men Fake It?

Can a man climax without ejaculation?

This is the question that’s on my mind this morning.

I say no.

Others say yes.

I’ve been with men who were multi orgasmic.

The Israeli was multi orgasmic.

I’ve never known a man to climax as much as he did, and every time, a little dollop of love juice spilled out.

He may have ultimately been a rude partner, but at least the man could get it up, keep it up, and keep going.

I joked with him that he missed out on a great career in the porn industry.

He was an engineer.

Tejas, the resident expert on all things sexual, has assured me that it is possible.

He says you can train the stream to go into the bladder, to which I say “no fucking way” because it’s physically impossible to mix the excretory system with the reproductive system.

Then he says that perhaps a man can “empty” himself by masturbating repetitively.

This seems more likely.

However, I’m still skeptical.

Just like I’m skeptical when a man tells me he’s given a woman 250 orgasms in a weekend.

FYI, that’s one orgasm every 12 minutes in a 48 hour period.

My friend Mystery Man, also thinks a male climax without semen release is possible.

For the same reason Tejas says it’s possible – repetitive masturbation.

Ok, ok.

So MAYBE it’s possible.

Then again, maybe men FAKE it. . .




One thought on “Do Men Fake It?

  1. Being multi myself, I’ve found it’s more about hydration than how many I’ve had. If I’m hydrated and take a long time, the volume is much higher.

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