While I’m at the Burn (starting tomorrow – WOOT!), I will not be blogging.

HOWEVER, I don’t want to leave you empty handed, so I’ve pre-arranged some blog posts for your reading pleasure.

They’re all about my past two trips to Burning Man.

Burning Man 2015 Flashbacks:

  • August 25:  Scotchfest (my solo venture out during my first burn, may include SCOTCH)
  • August 26:  ISO:  Hugs and Snuggles (the aftermath of living in close community with others at Burning Man)
  • August 27:  The Lady in White (EXPLICIT CONTENT)
  • August 28:  Getting There (EXACTLY what you go through just to GET to the Burn)
  • August 29:  Human Carcass Wash (about me stripping in the desert and getting washed by a bunch of other people)
  • August 30:  Spanked!  (EXPLICIT CONTENT, aka my rosy ass)

Burning Man 2016 Flashbacks:

  • August 31:  Pre-Burn Goosepimples
  • September 1:  Highlights (the best of my burn, in a nutshell)
  • September 2:  Saunadome (about me stripping and taking a sauna during my 2016 burn)
  • September 3:  Just a Man Playing a Flaming Tuba (aka weird shit you see on the playa)
  • September 4:  The Magic of the Playa (ah, manifestations on the playa = true magic)
  • September 5:  You’re Not Supposed to Pee on the Playa (what NOT to do at Burning Man)

And come September 6th you’ll be seeing posts about my 2017 Burn!  Yup, I’m on vacation from August 25th – September 5th.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck.  Each burn gets better with time so this one should be OFF THE HOOK!


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