Scorpio on Scorpio

I am a Scorpio.

I was born right smack dab in the middle of Scorpio territory on November 2nd.

I was also born a Zezza woman, which automatically makes me a highly sexual person.

So I got a double whammy when it comes to sex.

I have a lot of experience.

But the one thing I haven’t experienced a lot of is Scorpio men.

Charlie the Aussie was a Scorpio, but on the cusp of Sagittarius.

The Israeli was a Scorpio, but seeing as how he likes to cum in girls’ eyeballs, we’ll write him off.

The Photographer is a Scorpio and he literally ROCKED MY WORLD.

And The Swede is a Scorpio (born on the same day as my brother) and we all know I HEART THE SWEDE.

He literally kept me coming ALL WEEKEND LONG!

All these men prove what I’ve suspected for a long time:


So imagine my shock and surprise when The Fireman told me he’s a Scorpio too.

I personally think that:

  1. Scorpios make the BEST kissers.
  2. Scorpios make the BEST lovers.
  3. Scorpios are the BEST at talking dirty.
  4. And, Scorpios have the most AMAZING oral skills.

So what if I’m single and not attached to anyone?

I have a steady diet of Scorpios to keep me satisfied.

In the immortal words of The Photographer, “Being with you is like being with the female version of myself.”

It’s a little freaky to be instantly on the same wavelength as someone else.

But I must say, I’m enjoying myself immensely.

All this flirting with Scorpios is REALLY AGREEING WITH ME!



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