Burning Man 2015 Flashback: Getting There

The drive from Reno to Black Rock City and Burning Man took 10 hours. Not as long as some, but definitely a commute.

It was a little bit of a challenge getting on the road in Reno considering I woke up to a half flat tire and a dead battery.  But a jump from AAA and a new tire from Tires Unlimited and I was on my way to Burning Man!

IMG_7490 IMG_7488

I experienced pulsing – when traffic is held up for a period of time then let go to drive several miles in one big block at a time.

I got to know my neighbors – two beautiful couples from Texas who drove all the way here to experience Burning Man. Definitely not virgins.

I got to the playa and found camp. In the darkness and the chaos, I was all turned around. Once I dropped off my trailer, I was good to set up camp.

First thing I saw was Tejas, looking frazzled and exhausted. He was getting ready to have dinner with Lisa, David, and Jyl. The food smelled good. I was hungry. But no time to eat. Time to set up camp.

Of course, it’s much easier to set up camp when you have two teenage boys to lift and move equipment. Sadly, I left my two teenage boys at home so it fell on me to set things up alone.

I’d practiced setting up my tent in the default world, but in bright daylight, not in total darkness by light of my headlamp.

I struggled.

I was frustrated.

I needed help.

I was on the verge of tears when Tejas showed up and assisted with my tent set up.

IMG_7520Then, time to set up the inside of my tent – bed, shelves, bins, etc.

I managed to get power and route it to my tent. I was ready to roll. I had an inflated bed, a bedside table, and a lamp.

IMG_7514Now time for fun!

We all went to Ali Bar Bar, the local bar for Silicon Village.

Before I could get a drink, I had to demonstrate a superpower. So I did the splits – to applause and cheers.


Then I was completely covered by this drunk guy, John, who tried to make out with me. He finally got pulled off of me when his friends reminded him that he needed CONSENT before mauling a lady. I ran into him later, when he was sober, and he was suitably sheepish when I reminded him how he’d behaved. Totally different guy when he’s not falling down drunk.

I went to bed totally nauseous, having taken my pills on an empty stomach – no dinner 😦

In the middle of the night I had to ask for a bowl… just in case I threw up.

And that was how my first day in BRC ended.

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