Burning Man 2016 Flashback: Highlights


  • I gave myself a 3rd degree burn. Literally.
  • Listening to Rachel Lark sing “Warm, Bloody, and Tender” at Dustfish.
  • Exploring the playa at night with Brad and Tejas.
  • Dust storm with whiteout conditions to welcome me back to the playa.
  • Dust storm with whiteout conditions to wish me farewell as I left the playa.
  • I arrived with 12 condoms and left with 12 condoms.
  • My OMmersion in the OM community.
  • Getting asked to OM with a new friend.
  • Watching the man burn from the cozy seat of an art car.
  • Getting my buzz on at my neighbor’s RV.
  • Shepherding Tejas home a few nights.
  • Lots of rest and relaxation.
  • Sitting in silence as the Temple burned to the ground.
  • Getting naked on the streets of Black Rock City as I waited in line for the Saunadome.
  • Great costumes!
  • Getting a gift of ice when I was standing in an hour long line to get ice.
  • Two showers in the Motorbeast!
  • Lots of great food and drink with Tejas.
  • Scoping out the city with Marina.
  • Passing out cookies to very thankful spankees.
  • Chatting up folks at Ali Bar-Bar.
  • Serving drinks at Ali Bar-Bar.
  • Making new friends.
  • And so much more. . .

Yes, I made the trek to Black Rock City for my second burn after a disastrous first burn and had a much better time. More Burning Man posts to follow.


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