Re-Entry Blues

Burning Man is coming to a close and I’m filled with sadness.

Sad that this temporary community will be disbanded for a year.

Sad I will not be living in community with my Burner friends.

Sad to hear a man lost his life running into the fire of the Man Burn this year (I saw the ambulances but thankfully not his dive into the fire).

It’s always bittersweet to leave home.

But this year I especially feel it.

I can feel it in the frustrations of my friends whose burns did not go exactly as planned.

I can feel it in the horror of the loss of a life.

I’m sad to be re-entering the default world but looking forward to a few things – like a nice, long, hot shower, a real bed to sleep in, and seeing all my non-burner friends again.

Yes, I had a great burn.

But I can tell you this: Re-entry will not be easy.

I can just feel it.

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