I used to have a life coach.

He was good for some things but he was also very CHRISTIAN and would talk about Jesus a lot.

I wanted coaching grounded in reality, not religion so I wound up ending my coaching sessions.

One thing my coach said is that we attract the energy that we put out there.

In a way, I believe this to be true.

So I’m just wondering, what is the energy I’m putting out when I get this message from a new “friend” on Facebook (someone I’ve never met but approved because we have a mutual friend)?


How tacky is he for opening up a conversation with a brand new acquaintance with “when did u last sleep with someone?”

I immediately blocked him on Facebook and felt rather satisfied with my swift and strong response to his disgusting behavior.

But I did pause for a second and wonder – just what is wrong with my own energy that I seem to INVITE these kinds of conversations?

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m trying to walk the straight and narrow and behave myself and yet I keep getting sucked back into fringe conversations and activities.

How do I get back on track and attract the right kind of people into my life?

I’m trying to BEHAVE!

One thought on “BEHAVE!

  1. Simple rule that I live by – all my FB friends are either relatives or people I’ve met in the flesh. I’m big on vetting my social media contacts.

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