Post Playa Recovery

Have you ever seen the picture of me post Burning Man 2015?

My hair was a rat’s nest and my cuticles were mangled.

It took a team of hairstylists and nail specialists to FIX ME.

This year I’m taking recovery a step further.

I did go to see a hairstylist.

Just to get a decent blowout.

And I did get a mani and pedi at my local nail salon.

But this year RECOVERY also means giving up BOOZE.

Yes indeed.

I’m going dry for at least a month, maybe longer.

I want to see how it feels to not walk in the front door and make a beeline for my wet bar.

I want to judge my social skills on dates WHEN I HAVEN’T CONSUMED 2 GLASSES OF WINE.

And, of course, I want to see if I will lose any weight when I cut out all those liquid calories from my diet.

Naturally, when on “vacation” at Burning Man, I imbibe a lot of booze.

When Burning Man ends, I am inevitably filled with the urge to remove my liver, place it in a warm saline bath, and detox the hell out of it.

This is the first year I’ll be doing just that.

Quitting cold turkey.

Hopping on the bandwagon.

Getting grounded.

Wish me luck!

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