Love is in the air

The wedding was beautiful!

So much LOVE in the air.

The whole camp woke up early on Thursday to go to deep playa for the wedding at dawn.

I dragged my sleepy ass to the Party Snail and climbed on board.

The playa glowed GREEN under the Party Snail lights at dawn, as we stepped off our art car to watch the wedding.

It was a beautiful, pagan ceremony that took place in front of a tower adorned with purple flowers.

The bride wore flowers, feathers, and an LED crown.

The groom wore a top hat.

After the wedding we all went to Ali Bar-Bar to have champagne and celebrate.

Then the Party Snail took us back home to our camp where I crashed and took a nap.

As always, I was touched and moved by the beautiful display of love from our treasured couple.

Anytime two people get together to declare their love for one another, I admire their dedication and commitment.

I, of course, can’t commit to wearing the same pair of shoes on a regular basis, let alone commit to loving someone the rest of my life.

Then again, I haven’t met anyone as extraordinary as I want in a partner, so it makes sense that I play the field.

Still, the beauty of their commitment shines through all my disbelief and I’m left with a feeling of warmth and happiness.

CONGRATULATIONS to the happy couple!

I wish you ALL THE BEST!


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