Damn fine photos!

My mistrust of photographers is something I’ve written about from time to time.

It hearkens back to the day when I was 19 and the KSJO photographer invited me to his place for a portrait session which turned into a “let me help you out of your clothes and take nude pictures of you” session.

Nevertheless, despite my misgivings, I’ve managed to let a few photographers sneak into my life.

The Photographer, for one, who is quite charming and so far has only offered to take professional photos of me for my blog.

Then there’s Yvonne, Tejas’ ex-girlfriend, who is a wedding photographer and took lovely family photos of me with my boys.

So you can imagine my surprise when ANOTHER photographer joined the ranks of my FRIEND CIRCLE.

And this one is a COMBAT PHOTOGRAPHER.

I know!  Wow!

We were at Burning Man, watching an art piece burn when he saw me not utilizing the camera on my iPhone properly.

He offered to take a few pictures for me, and they turned out SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE ONES I TOOK I HAD TO ASK HIS SECRET.

And he showed me.

Kind of him, don’t you think?

In any case, I decided right then and there that he was good peeps and voilá, we became friends.

So there you have it – even deep seeded biases can be overcome by the goodness of Burning Man.

And they can lead to some DAMN GOOD PHOTOS in the process!

Below is my ORIGINAL photo of the burn:

Followed by his AWESOME photo:


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