Just so you know, my blog post “Skullfu*ked” received over 400 unique views.

As hard as I try (cough) to keep this blog on the straight and narrow, my readers have other opinions.

They want something sexy.


“Skullfu*ked” is a password-protected post.

I have to put some stuff behind security because I don’t want my birth parents reading it and freaking out.

Although I’m sure, given the title, that they are more than aware of what transpired.

Occasionally when I’m writing these posts I pause, consider my audience, and then continue with my overshare.


Maybe, but it’s all pretty truthful.

Do you NEED to know I got semen up my nose?

Of course you do, because it’s funny.

Do you NEED to know I got semen in my eye?

Yes, because now you know why I don’t like facials.

It’s all pretty funny, occasionally sad, but always entertaining.

And if you’ve made it this far in this post I’m going to give you a gift. . .

. . . the password is onetaste.

Feel free to use it if you’re NOT related to me.

And if you ARE related to be, be smart and forget you ever knew the password.

One thought on “Titillation

  1. Giggled out loud!! This particular blog of mine is amazingly anonymous. Very few people I know in real life read it. Thank GOD!!!!!
    Looking forward to reading your off blog experiences!

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