Shoes, Yosemite, Weddings and Fire. . .oh my!

Has it been fricking forever since I posted something about shoes?

I think it has.

Y’all know how much I LOVE shoes.

Lately, however shoes don’t love me.

They’re either too tight around the foot or the ankle.

FUCK weight gain!

Who knew your FEET could get bigger?

In any case, I need a pair of shoes to go with my yellow dress at the upcoming wedding in Yosemite (crosses fingers and says a prayer the fires will stay away).

I got a pair of flats for the outdoor ceremony.

No need to totter across stones, dirt, and grass in heels, right?

And then I got this GORGEOUS pair of heels, with a little flower by Pelle Mode to wear for the reception, which now that I think about it, might be outdoors as well.

No matter, the bottom line is I AM PREPARED.

Now if we can just extinguish those DISASTROUS fires, that would be PERFECT!

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