Skills wanted

As it turns out, when I swipe right on Tinder, 90% of the time I match with that person.

It’s kinda cool to get access to message the men who are interested in me instantly.

I’ve discovered that more and more lately, I am first reading the profile of the man I’m supposed to match with.

And I’m looking for something IN ADDITION TO facial hair and big brawny chests.

I’m looking for Burning Man skills.

Something that can prove useful when you’re creating a temporary community out in the alpine desert.

I got really excited when I read one profile where the guy was a welder/metal fabricator.

Another man was a pilot and I nearly shat myself when I read that.

Still yet another is a Mechanical Engineer.

Well color me happy and stick a fork in me, I AM DONE!

Yes, yes and yes PLEASE.

So here are the skills I’m looking for:

  • Bartending
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Pilot’s license
  • Avid camper
  • DJ
  • Sex god

There you have it. My wish list in a nutshell!

One thought on “Skills wanted

  1. LOL. We all have different checklists, don’t we? The skill set that I think you should reconsider is “pilot.” I have pilot as number one on my never ever date list. While the skill they bring to the table is good, it’s been my experience that they are egotistical, unreliable, and could find a way to cheat – even in an open relationship. 🙂 Just ask anyone who has dated one or, heaven forbid, married one!

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