Playa Romance

During my 2015 burn, I got dumped.

During my 2016 burn, I was a nun.

During my 2017 burn, I played the field.

What to do for my 2018 burn?

Why, I’m hoping for a playa romance.

Perhaps I’ll hook up with some lucky burner guy and have a wee little playa romance.

I think I’d like that.

Someone to explore the playa with during the day, experience the nightlife with at night, and romp in bed with at all hours of the day and night.


In short, BRING ON THE SWEDE, my sexy scorpio lover!

How much would I LOVE to introduce the Swede to Burning Man?

A whole lot, let me tell you.

I’d drag him all over the playa to experience the art, the people, and the interactivity of Burning Man.

And of course, I heart the Swede so we could have a nice passionate romance on the playa.

He was my boyfriend for a WEEKEND at UnSCruz.

Now he could be my boyfriend for a WEEK at Burning Man.

I think I’ve been playing the field for too long and I need to wean myself off of the steady stream of men entering and exiting my life.

Wouldn’t a playa romance be PERFECT in the regard?

A short term fling to remind me how nice it is to be coupled up?

Yes indeed, I’m in need of a playa romance.

Just putting it out there in the universe. . .

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