I ran into a new problem on the playa.

One I hadn’t experienced in previous years.

What with drinking all that water to stay hydrated, and eating all that salt to keep my electrolytes in balance, I would up retaining a SHIT TON of water.

Yes, it’s true.

By the end of the burn, my feet were so swollen I was wildly uncomfortable sitting and standing.

I’d go to my bed and lay down and elevate my legs.

My sister, a nurse, checked me out after the burn and said that I had “pitting” lasting longer than a minute.

It was AWFUL!

Now, I’m not thrilled that I had this problem and I certainly don’t want to have this problem NEXT year.

And the only way to ensure that is to LOSE WEIGHT.

So far down 7 pounds in one week.

All water, I’m sure.

But I can FINALLY see my ankles again, not KANKLES.

In case you doubt the veracity of what I’m saying, here’s a picture by Tripod (aka Kevin Price) which shows how swollen I got:

There you go.  It’s a bit of a shock, even to me, but progress has already been made and will continue to be made.

I need to go places and do things, not rest in bed with elevated legs!

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