“Have you ever heard from a guy ‘Good Lord, I think your oversharing about sex is a bit of a turn off.’ Ever hear that?”

I got the text from a friend Monday morning.

“No,” I replied.

“Now you have,” he responded.


Let me preface this by saying I’ve hurt my neck and I’m in chronic pain so dealing with criticism right now is NOT my highest priority.

How does one respond to this feedback?

Apparently, he’s under the impression that there is a chain of men who I am sleeping with and they’re okay being part of that “chain.”

Well, there IS a “chain” and the men ARE “okay.”

Or at least they’re not complaining.

The truth is, men aren’t lining up outside my door to get in a relationship with me.

I’m as capable of monogamy as the next person, it’s just not the hand I’m being dealt now.

And I can fight it and be celibate, or I can embrace it and go with the flow.

And so I’m embracing it.

It doesn’t mean I’m not looking for something long term.

And I just find it a little ironic that if I was a man, no one would have a problem with my activities.

No one.

Men are expected to play the field.

But a woman?

Isn’t she supposed to protect the sanctity of her womanhood?

I do occasionally wonder, however if EVERYTHING needs to go on this blog.

Occasionally I do participate in the OVERSHARE.

So maybe I need to dial that back a bit.

But I’m not feeling guilty or ashamed of who I am and what I choose to do with my life.

I’m trying to find something that fits JUST RIGHT.

And I haven’t found it yet.

‘Nuf said.



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