Sowing my wild oats and reaping happiness


Maybe this isn’t ENTIRELY true.

I can practically HEAR my GF Michelle telling me that I’m an exceptional human being who deserves a loving, intimate relationship.

But it’s a little bit true.

I like my booze (when I’m not in my post-Burning Man dry spell).

And I like my men.

Not all the men I sleep with are “wise decisions.”

I seem to base all my lovemaking decisions on facial hair and chest circumference instead of kindness and availability.

No matter though, the bottom line is that RIGHT NOW I LIKE BEING SINGLE.

It doesn’t bother me.

Oh sure, come talk to me when I’m at K&B’s wedding next weekend and it’ll be a different story.

I’ll probably be sad I have no one to dance with or make out with.

But as of right now, I’m happy.

And I’m just going to fill up my coffers with all the happiness they can hold because I’m sure that just around the corner is a loop that’s going to get thrown my way.

And then I’ll want the opposite of what I have.

I’ll want a nice, warm, comfortable, loving, committed relationship that will support me through the tough times.

But right now times are fat and I’m reaping all the happiness I can handle!

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