He called it “cute”

So I’m texting with Eric when he asks me if I’ve cleaned my car since Burning Man.

“I didn’t drive my truck to the playa,” I responded. “I flew in to Reno then took the Burner Express bus in.”

“Oh, what kind of truck do you have?” he asked.

“A 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Sport,” I reply.

“Oh. A little truck,” he texts.


Is he making fun of my truck?

So I ask him just that and tell him just how much I love my truck.

“I’m just saying it’s cute,” he tells me.


“This is not how you get on my good side,” I reply.

I’m amazed.

Why would a man who wants to go on a date with me talk down to me and make fun of my truck after I very plainly told him how much I love it?

Bad form!

And here I was all excited because he was a burner AND has a trailer he goes camping in.

He also asked me if I “showed my boobies” at Burning Man.


A grown man calling them “boobies?”

Strike one.

Strike two.

One more strike and he’s out!


* P.S. He struck out. He called his dick a “pee pee.” Seriously.

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