Nice Guy

I went on a date with a VERY NICE GUY.

He was EXACTLY what I said I was looking for – calm, kind and thoughtful.

I felt like such a WILD CHILD compared to him – what with my trips to Burning Man, parties, cuddle puddles, and naked hot tubbing.

I didn’t have a bad time, but I felt like only half of me was engaged.

The other half of me was YAWNING.

And I’ve come to this following conclusion:

The problem with me and LTRs is not that I’m not meeting men who are appropriate specimens for LTR.

No, The Swede and this guy are PERFECT examples of MEN YOU WANT TO HAVE LTRs with.

The problem is I’ve become accustomed to bad boys, rebels, and dirty men and everything else just seems too sedate for me.

It’s like driving a Ferrari then trying to switch to a Honda and still be satisfied.

I’m not calling The Swede a Honda though.

No, he’s more like a Hellcat.

All muscle and brawn and quiet power.

But this date?

Definitely a Honda.

Built for safety, not for thrills.

Of course there’s some good news here – if I’m the problem, then I’m also the SOLUTION.

How I plan to fucking fix my addiction to Ferraris I have NO IDEA, but I’m working on it.

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