Initially, unblunder was supposed to be an adventure blog chronicling all the crazy activities I participate in – running with the bulls, going to Burning Man, racing cars, taking beer making classes, learning to lap dance, making glass bowls, throwing tomatoes in a big group free-for-all, etc.

It has slowly drifted off topic, as I focused more and more on my dating life.

All the strange and unusual experiences I had with strange and unusual men became fodder for the blog.

Perhaps inappropriately so, as some have suggested.

The thing about a blog is it’s a BIG challenge to write every day and still manage to say something useful.

Some days I succeed.

Some days I failed.

Hopefully more of the former and less of the latter.

Regardless, this blog has taken on topics I’m not comfortable sharing anymore.

So I’m going to ratchet back the posts and try to stick to valuable content and let my personal life recover from overexposure.

Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. I don’t think you’ve ever written anything inappropriate. And I’m not sure it’s important to blog every day. I don’t. Because my life’s not that interesting. 😭 Hope you don’t ratchet back too much. I like reading about you. 😊

  2. I’m the worst because I write my own blog and love when people comment but typically don’t comment much elsewhere. I roll my eyes at my own self. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I read frequently and have experienced the transformation of topics/sense of self online and that I support you 100% – whatever that worth from a total stranger. Write what you love, whatever that is today.

  3. I really like your blog. It really does present you as a whole person. Whether you’re talking about beer, your birth parents, Burning Man or boyfriends you approach everything in an honest and open way and generous way. The way you present things, I want to know more about Tejas and your other friends, how you grow through the Burning Man experience, and what new cocktails there might be on the horizon. 🙂 In terms of your sex life, most of us have been around the block a few times and have our own tales – some sweet, some embarrassing, and some funny. You’re really not out of the norm here. Finally, I’m rooting for you to settle down with the Swede – that would make for a very interesting blog indeed. 🙂 Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

    • I’m going to keep writing. Maybe slow it down to one post a day. Still got to keep my “flavor” so some of what I post will be related to my dating life. Right now it’s going to be about SURVIVING 90 DAYS OF ABSTINENCE!

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