Hell in a Bucket

Someone special is having a birthday very soon.

It’s just a couple of weeks away.

And so I decided to get him a gift.

You know, to celebrate his birthday and let him know I like him.

I didn’t go overboard this time.

I ‘ll never forget the year I bought my brand new boyfriend an iPad and he freaked out (a little bit) over the extravagance.

This time I bought something small.

Something that fits in a bucket.

In fact, something that IS a bucket.

I got a bucket of hot sauce for my hot sauce lover living in Sweden.

A whole frigging bucket!

You know, in researching hot sauce, I came across some interesting options:

  • Spicy popcorn
  • Labels which seem to question the wisdom of consuming the hot sauce
  • And, hot sauce that comes in phallic shaped bottles

In the end, I chose this bucket.

How many guys can say they got “Hell in a Bucket” from a friend for their birthday?

The Swede can, that’s who!


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