When it’s good to fail

Y’all want to know how I’m doing?

The answer is JUST FINE.

No really, I feel better than I have in ages. My productivity at work and at home has gone up and I spend less time on my cell phone and more time socializing IRL.

So many people have offered to help me wean myself off of my sexual exploits, it’s uncanny!

There are a few people who think it’s a bad idea but for the most part I’ve met with nothing but support.

I have removed some apps from my phone – Tinder, Kik, and Zoosk.

I’ve been asked out on a few dates but I’m taking a little time to chill and not worry about dating anyone or meeting anyone.

Overall, I feel good.

Ask me in a couple of weeks and it may be a different story.

I did go out with a Frenchman about a week ago.

He was very sweet and romantic.

But at the end of the date, we stood up and I TOWERED over him.

After that, he didn’t walk me to my car, give me a kiss goodnight, or anything.

Still, I behaved myself and didn’t let on that I’m a freaky girl (besides freakishly tall in heels).

So despite the date’s failure, I consider the evening a success.


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