Here fishy fishy fishy

I am going fishing.


Again. Again.

My first time fishing, I went by myself on a fishing boat and I caught one VERY LARGE salmon.

That was the best, tastiest, flakiest salmon I’ve ever eaten.

Line caught, wild salmon is THE BEST.

The next time I went fishing with a bunch of friends and we caught a lot of stripers (bass).

Despite having numerous little nibbles, I managed to catch NOTHING but I still went home with a fish on account of the plethora of fish that were caught by my friends.

This time, we are going out in December.

It should be cold and blustery.

We’re going to fish for rock cod and crab.



Rock cod, I’m not so thrilled about.

They’re a rather unattractive fish but I’m sure I can make some good fish and chips with whatever I catch.

Best of all, there’s an AMAZING sushi place right next door to the marina (naturally where better to get fresh fish than at a marina) and all my friends and I are going to eat sushi (and drink sake) post-fishing.

Nothing like a day on the water followed by an evening of tasty fish!

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  1. Remember to bring all those things you are supposed to bring….and sometimes forget. Even in winter you need lip balm and water is very important and lots of warm clothes and those handy (pun!) mitten things that are mittens, but fold over and leave your fingers free.

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