Have no fear, the Swede is here

Genius that I am, I bought The Swede a bucket full of hot sauces, none of which are probably edible on a human level.

It was a respectable gift for a friend to give another friend.

EXCEPT that the shipping (FedEx) cost an outrageous $215.

Next time I should just write him a check for $300 and be done with it.

I totally would have skipped out on sending the present except that I PROMISED I was sending something so I HAD TO.

Tejas laughed at me and said I picked the most expensive service for transportation.


Who knew (obviously not me), though I did point out that I went to USPS and UPS first.

Tejas told me I need to learn to use Amazon Sweden.

It’s not Amazon Sweden, it’s Global Amazon.

I actually DID look it up.

The problem is that lovely bucket of inedible hot sauce wasn’t available for shipping to Sweden.

Hence, my problem.

So I’ve been playing around with Global Amazon (any tips you have are appreciated) and I found THIS:

When I nicknamed The Swede “The Swede’ I wasn’t being particularly clever or bright.

It was just the most obvious choice.

However, I LOVE the idea of The Swede wearing this shirt in California.

Especially since he’s my excuse to GET OFF THIS FUCKING ABSTINENCE KICK EARLY!

Have no fear, the Swede is HERE!

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