Miss Bennet

I’m working on a new costume because I realized that all would not be right in the world if I didn’t have a Regency-style costume in my collection.

You may not know this, but I was inspired to work on this costume by the play “Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberly.”

And even though it may be gauche, I imagine that I can also wear this costume to the Dickens Faire and perhaps even the Edwardian Ball despite the fact that the fashion of those eras are separated by some one hundred years.

Who knows?

One can hope.

So here’s the dress – a simple ivory colored Regency gown.

Short sleeves. High waistline. Long hem. Lace yoke. Modest hemline, especially for me.

I like it, but it’s a little plain.

So I bought a hat that let me make a statement.

Let’s hope when this arrives it looks like it does in the picture.

Because honestly, I didn’t expect that it would be coming ALL THE WAY FROM CHINA!

And I am AWFULLY skeptical of products that come from China.

Of course the outfit needs two accessories: gloves and a sash.

I bought both, each with a little bling – of course.

The lace gloves are very pretty and the sash has some nice sparkle to it.

Then I bought this set of jewelry to finish off the look – pear shaped drop crystal earrings with a matching necklace.

I have NO IDEA how everything will look when I put it together.

I still need to buy a wrap for the outfit, but overall I’m very pleased with my selections.

For a woman who usually wears bright colored clothes, I think I’ve managed to really step outside myself and produce a costume that captures the flavor of the era.



I also found a matching ivory reticule, for the outfit.  Should go perfect!

3 thoughts on “Miss Bennet

  1. biggest problem I have found with items from China 1) clothing is 2-3 sizes too small, even if marked X. I just bought a sweater vest for my nephew who is 6’9″. Amzn said 3XL, but it is EXACTLY the same size as an XL I bought off the rack here for a friend’s husband a few years ago!!!; 2) any hand made product has a smell to it that you just can’t get rid of–I have bought various things, a little coin purse, a sticker set, a set of glasses, all smelled like formaldehyde or worse, that scent continued even setting outside for week(s) or months, doesn’t rectify. Never again!

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