Sleepwear and The Swede

I’ve been thinking about sleepwear a lot lately.

I sleep by myself so I have no one to impress when I go to bed.

I’ve been known to wear everything from a t-shirt (and nothing else) to sweat pants, tank top, and thick socks.

When I sleep on the couch at Tejas’ house, I wear rainbow striped velour pajama bottoms with a peach jersey pineapple print dress.

Yes, clearly I’m not out to wow the crowds.

Which is why I think Tejas has taken an interest in my sleepwear for Sweden.

He doesn’t want me to underwhelm The Swede.

The thing about sleeping in Sweden, is that I ABSOLUTELY can’t fall asleep unless I am warm.

That’s just how it works with me.

If my feet are cold I can’t sleep.

If my core is cold, I can’t sleep.

If my butt is cold. . .

And so on.

So I REALLY want to be warm when I sleep in Sweden.

I decided to compromise on the warm Swedish Hockey pajamas I was planning on wearing.

Instead I bought two nightgowns.

Red and blue because you know, I am after all a hot-blooded American woman.

Ironically, it’s been so long since I spent the night with someone, I’ve forgotten how well two bodies manage to keep each other warm.

I probably don’t NEED the nightgowns.

But they’re there, if for no other reason than to make me look like a respectable human being instead of a woman who is travelling halfway around the world to sleep with The Swede.

4 thoughts on “Sleepwear and The Swede

  1. I agree. I almost always freeze to death unless bundled up. I have layers of blankets on me, others in the bed have almost none.
    The best warmers are pets. People move too much.

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