What I find sexy in a man

Its not what you think – washboard abs and a fat bank account. No, my tastes run more complex than that…

Big hands
A chiseled jawline
A sense of humor. Monty Python re enactments a plus.
A great father
Talent, in any area
A good listener
An authentic smile
Eye contact
Low, sexy voice
Initiates middle-of-the-night sex
Stays calm when I’m freaking out
Has a backbone
Smells good
Good manners
Has great rhythm 😉

One thought on “What I find sexy in a man

  1. Yeah I love middle of the night action, it might be the best thing ever. I have successfully initiated it a bunch of times but normally my wife does. Mainly because if she’s tired and not in the mood it could put me in the doghouse haha.

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