Bad Mood

Sometimes I wish I could just CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

Honestly, I don’t need to plan everything to the NTH DEGREE.

Why can’t I just relax and pull everything together at the last minute JUST LIKE A NORMAL PERSON?!

Today, I bought kronor for my trip to Sweden.

Or rather, I ORDERED my kronor to be delivered to my house right before my trip to Stockholm.


Because I can.

Because there are no service fees if you order online and have your currency delivered to your home.


I bought a Swedish themed journal for my trip.

Because you know I’m going to be writing about all the fun I’m having and I will need something to write it down in.

And since I commission a Burning Man journal every year for my trip to Burning Man, I figured why not buy a Swedish themed journal for the trip?

Only now, I’m sitting here at my desk, fairly disgusted with myself for being so fucking proactive and organized.

I do believe I’ve irritated myself.

Despite the lovely holiday season, I’ve managed to put myself in a BAD mood.



P.S. Did I mention that I bought an audible book on “Adventures in Sweden” and I’m learning all about the history, geography, and culture of Sweden?

One thought on “Bad Mood

  1. I am reading this, but not reading this. You’re upset because you’re organized? You’re upset because you’re planning something, and getting things accomplished….
    Okay, I get the idea that people can go overboard in the planning, but buying a themed journal (a lucrative business for the Moleskin people–have you tried their travel journals?) and getting your currency delivered (without commission) seems okay to me.
    There are people who can throw things together last minute (and deal comfortably with the things they forgot to pack) and there are those who can’t. There are also people who do things last minute and still stress. There are people who plan and still forget stuff. There is everything between the two extremes.
    So, now I am ranting, and being unclear.
    You are who you are. Instead of being upset about planning, why don’t you write a self-help book and make millions of dollars.

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